artificial intelligence is going to influence tech trends

This article features how artificial intelligence to influence tech trends in the next five years

Artificial intelligence will be ruling the world in the next few years. The advancements in digitization, ‘internetization’, and intelligence are redefining a digital world that is characterized by the prevalence of mixed reality. The rapid development of new network technology will fuel the evolution of cloud computing towards a new system called cloud-network-device convergence. The system will allow clouds, networks, and devices to have a more clearly defined division of labor.

Artificial intelligence is crucial to our future because AI forms the foundation of computer learning. Through AI, computers can harness massive amounts of data and use their learned intelligence to make optimal decisions and discoveries in fractions of the time that it would take humans. Artificial intelligence is becoming responsible for everything from medical breakthroughs in cancer research to cutting-edge climate change research.

Transportation: It might take a few more years but, surely, someday day autonomous cars will ferry people from one place to another.

Manufacturing: Artificial intelligence-fueled robots ideally support humans to perform numerous tasks like assembly and stacking and predictive analysis sensors keep equipment running smoothly.

Healthcare: In the comparatively AI-nascent field of healthcare, diseases are more quickly and accurately diagnosed, drug discovery is sped up and streamlined, virtual nursing assistants monitor patients and big data analysis helps to create a more personalized patient experience.

Education: Textbooks are digitized with the help of AI, early-stage virtual tutors assist human instructors, and facial analysis gauges the emotions of students to help determine who’s struggling or bored and better tailor the experience to their individual needs.

Media: Journalism is the industry where artificial intelligence rules like a king, and undoubtedly this will continue in the future. Publications like Bloomberg are utilizing Cyborg technology to assist the quick sense of complex financial reports. Machine learning, deep learning, robotics and more are actively used for reporting these days.

Customer Service: At the end of the day, meeting customer needs is the prime target of every organization, and artificial intelligence proudly helps them to do so. Google is working on an AI assistant that can place human-like calls to make appointments at, say, your neighborhood hair salon. In addition to words, the system understands context and nuance.


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